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Young Frida Silk Scarf

Young Frida Silk Scarf

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The mind of a young artist explodes into bold color in this luxurious silk scarf. In this keystone of Obelisk's rococo revival, flowers by Rachel Ruysch and insects by Maria Sibylla Merian* wreath a striking portrait of a 12 year old Frida Kahlo. Taken by her father Guillermo Kahlo, we see young Frida six years after she contracted crippling polio and six years before the bus accident that would force her to grapple with the chronic pain that haunted the rest of her life and work. Even at 12, with a wild, tragic, brilliant life ahead of her, there's a deep intensity and reserve in these eyes.

35.5" wide by 35.5" long
100% natural Silk Satin, 2.5oz
Soft and light fabric with a glossy shine
Single-sided printing
Handmade to order

Care Instructions
Wash at 86°F / 30°C
Iron at 230°F / 110°C, no steam
Dry clean only

I know, I left out the skull by Pieter Claesz, which nods in momento mori. Extra points if you can identify Frida's halo...

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