Van Gogh's Skeleton Tote
Van Gogh's Skeleton Tote

Van Gogh's Skeleton Tote

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A grim momento mori or a gleeful embrace of vice? We may never know exactly what Vincent Van Gogh intended by this portrait of a grinning corpse with a dangling cig, but it's an oddly beautiful and strangely humorous image, and now you can both support Obelisk's mission to share the stories of art with the world, and bring this dapper skelly home as a beach bag.

And be warned, this isn't a dime a dozen canvas tote, this is a beefy bag. It can carry up to 44 pounds, more than enough to transport even a very large skeleton. I'm not advocating you carry human remains in this bag. Don't do that. But you could.

• 100% polyester fabric
• Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
• Large inside pocket
• Comfortable cotton webbing handles
• Vibrant colors that won't fade